For Money Managers

Our company offers a unique service that solves a difficult problem in today’s environment: The need for true primary research inputs that give rise to informed decision-making – particularly when the stakes are high.

We quickly make sense of complex, developing corporate situations: Examples include: A major acquisition of a company that is not well known; a departure of a key employee; a change in sales strategy (distributors/direct, commission structure); a change in marketing strategy (product breadth, extensions, branding, pricing); the loss of a supplier; the loss of a customer; a change in the structure and/or wording of the 10-k (particularly the risk section); a significant lawsuit.

We provide ongoing channel checks and true primary research-based industry updates. These would be accomplished by calling competitors, suppliers, and customers; by going to trade shows; by talking with industry association staff professionals; and by talking with academic researchers.

We provide deep and focused company and industry background research: For situations where the existing research effort is at an impasse yet further evidence is still needed to gain the requisite confidence in the decision: An example would be the provision of in-depth studies on industry segments or companies with few public entities and only skeletal information available through regular channels; another example would be my going to a trade show and spending three days intensely canvassing the floor to give you a full, real-time report on all pertinent issues facing any industry

This is the kind of research that can have a major effect on your decision-making. Having substantive information will allow you to sleep better at night.

David Childe is the only known professional in the country who holds both a private investigator license and a CFA. He has fifteen years experience as a sell-side analyst and ten as the owner of a private investigation company.

Childe has significant expertise in finding people, interviewing people, backgrounding people, document research, open records research, and forensic accounting. His private investigator license allows him to conduct investigations like no standard analyst can. He has direct access to exclusive databases. He has developed a proven ability to get ex-employees, customers, and suppliers talking.

We have a strong history of performing just this type of research for trial attorneys and are now establishing ourselves in the money management community. We are used to being called on to solve difficult evidentiary problems, oftentimes when trial attorneys are at some type of impasse. Our investigative research and interviews have been game changers on numerous multi-million dollar legal cases.