For Divorce Attorneys

What sets us apart from the pack of business valuation service providers is that Legal Research & Investigation is a fully licensed private investigation company – whose founder holds a highly coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and has extensive, varied Wall Street experience. We are legally qualified to conduct and highly experienced in executing surveillance, deep backgrounding, and difficult locates. Particularly on complex divorce cases where the other party may be trying to hide something, this is a singular advantage:

We simplify the investigation process. Complexity is unnecessarily exacerbated by having multiple investigators and experts from multiple firms. Two and sometimes three investigators and/or experts can be deployed on a major case: One for locates and service of process, another for backgrounding and surveillance, and a third for forensic accounting and closely held business valuation. Because of the highly technical nature of the financial discipline in particular, these investigators will rarely if ever be employed by the same firm. Since the individual members of the investigative ensemble do not “record” together, the attorney will not be able to truly “conduct” these investigations. Instead, each investigator will lay down his individual tracks and the attorney will have to splice them together in his studio as best he can. Miles Davis did not use this approach to record Kind of Blue.

We offer a single point of contact and a comprehensive view of the case.  No longer will myriad inputs from different firms and investors have to be integrated by the attorney. Because just one investigator will now work closely with the attorney from the start and throughout, more effective theories and ongoing tactics and strategy could very well ensue. The attorney will not have to wait for multitudes of uniquely styled, disparate reports. The investigator will smoothly integrate the many components of the surveillance, backgrounding, witness interviews, business valuation, and forensic accounting on a real time basis – quickly recognizing issues that he otherwise would not if he were just one smaller part of the investigative equation.

Higher-quality and more interesting evidence. A good business appraisal will go well beyond the numbers provided by the self-interested party and extend heavily into primary research-oriented techniques such as interviewing former employees, former executives, suppliers, and customers. These people will have to be identified, found, and contacted – all provinces of private investigation rather than traditional business appraisal.

On a case in which one of the parties may be trying to hide something, the easiest way to fully prove any shenanigans is through primary investigative methods such as surveillance – which can be a highly efficient game changer if conducted by the same person who is doing the forensic accounting and appraisal of the business. The hybrid surveillance operative/appraiser/accountant will now be more on the lookout for potentially untoward actions such as odd working hours, removal of inventory, increase in cash transactions, transactions at formerly unknown banks, shady associations with suppliers, shady associations with customers, and shady associations with competitors.

More effective testimony. Since we will serve as your appraiser, investigator, and Daubert expert – the judge or chancellor will now be hearing more than opinion evidence proffered in an ivory tower manner. Expert testimony will now be supported by evidence collected via primary research in the field.  Judges and chancellors appreciate both thoroughness and simplicity – this method gives them both.

Will save considerable money. The number of meetings with investigators will be cut by one half to two-thirds and the blended hourly rate will be much lower. That is because many tasks that used to fall under the umbrella of the $300-350/hour appraisal specialist will now be in the province of the $100-150/hour private investigator