For Business Attorneys

Founder David Childe brings you over thirty years of experience valuing companies ranging from sole proprietorships to multi-billion international concerns such as Hertz and Tiffany. Our reports have been featured in all major city newspapers in the United States and in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Business Week, and Forbes – among others.

Quotes in National Media

Childe has been a lead valuation analyst on over twenty public securities offerings and M&A deals exceeding $5 billion in total valuation. Examples of companies we have worked with include Whole Foods Market, Zales Jewelers, The Hertz Corporation, Best Buy, CompUSA, Audiovox, and Little Switzerland.

A superior business appraisal will go well beyond the numbers and documents provided by the self-interested party and extend heavily into primary research-oriented techniques such as interviewing former employees, former executives, suppliers, and customers. These people will have to be identified, found, and contacted – which our private investigation background allows us to easily accomplish.

Surveillance actually conducted by the business appraiser can oftentimes add singular value on a case in which one of the parties may be trying to hide something. Telltale signs can include low traffic counts, odd working hours, removal of inventory, increase in cash transactions, transactions at formerly unknown banks, shady associations with suppliers, shady associations with customers, or shady associations with competitors. A business appraisal expert who is also out in the field doing surveillance is a unique combination that only we can offer you.

We tailor our valuation reports to the client and the situation. They have ranged from one paragraph summaries to 75-page industry studies. One common denominator is cogency and accessibility – despite the oftentimes complex subject matter.