What Makes Us Different

Legal Research & Investigation’s LRI-Value arm is uniquely equipped to address your specialized primary research and business appraisal needs, mitigate investment risk, and bolster decision-making confidence.

We untangle intricate corporate situations, conduct extensive channel research, perform deep background investigations, find relevant people willing to talk, discover financial irregularities, and examine the merit of lawsuits.

With a career encompassing private (legal) investigation, legal research, sell-side equity research, investment banking, forensic accounting, investigative reporting, and open source intelligence – Founder David C. Childe brings a unique, multi-disciplinary background to bear.

He is the only known professional in the country who holds both a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and a private investigation license.

Legal Research & Investigation combines techniques from these highly specialized and formerly disparate disciplines into an unrivaled, customized package of investigative primary research.